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From the moment I drowned in the lake of secrets, I knew things would never be the same.

All I’d wanted for my eighteenth birthday was a kiss and a summer to be remembered before heading off for college. What I got was so much more.


I wasn’t just trapped in a cabin at the lake with a group of my rowdiest friends; I was trapped in another dimension. A dark one, where dreams manifest before your very eyes, fears are conjured in the cool mist, and the dead are living by our sides.


One thing I was certain of, the only way out . . . is in.



"Laura Reden has this unique ability and she drew me into the story with each line."

"Phantom Reality is a book unlike any I have read before."

“I was hooked from the beginning”

"Reads like a horror movie!"

"I HIGHLY recommend this!"

Phantom Reality

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