Vintage Embers

November 18, 2020

“Math and science don’t lie, unlike people.” 


Cameron Stone enters a cryogenic sleep program because what he needs medically doesn’t exist yet, but when he wakes up more than twenty years in the future, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Cameron wakes to a world of genetic modification and hidden manipulation within BioProspects laboratory.


But Cameron’s not the only one with a mending heart. After losing her father, Ella Rae’s world seems dark and meaningless. Her love for devoted boyfriend, Bradley, is tested when Ella can no longer deny feelings for her patient, Cameron. Life becomes complicated as they fall for one another, and reality hits. From heartbreak to undeniable love, Ella finds herself at crossroads when family secrets turn to betrayal . . . and she discovers she may be personally connected to Cameron’s past. 

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Laura C. Reden is an emerging author of paranormal, romance, and dark fantasy. 


Overcoming the struggles of dyslexia, Laura found that creative passion and hard work triumphs over her disadvantage. 


Laura is a Southern Californian native, wife, and mother of two daughters. Her pastimes include video production, pottery, and horseback riding. While she received an education in social and behavioral science, she currently works as the chief financial officer for her family-owned law firm in San Diego.

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